HP FlexFabric Cheat Sheet

HP FlexFabric 5700 switches use a software called comware. Currently at version 7.1.

If you are used to work with Cisco IOS this cheat sheet might help you to use these switches.

Cisco HP Comware remarks
enable system-view not exactly the same, in system-view mode hp switches can be configured
conf t not needed on hp switches
show run dis cu display current-config
wr mem save copy running-config startup-config
switch-port mode trunk port link-type trunk
switch-port trunk allowed vlan .. port trunk permit vlan [all|VLANID VLANID …]
switch-port access vlan N port access vlan N in interface mode
exit quit jump out of diffent sections
int port-channel 4
channel-group 4 mode active
int Bridge-Aggregation4
link-aggregation mode dynamic
port link-aggregation group 4
channel group config snippets
show etherchannel summary display link-aggregation verbose channel group check
spanning-tree portfast stp edged-port not exactly the same, but useful for ports that should go up immediately on link UP.
wr net backup startup-configuration to TFTP-SERVER FILENAME.cfg works only in non system-view mode (?)
reload reboot does not work in system-view mode (“quit”)