March 2018

Juniper MX204 Setup Guide

Juniper MX204 is router from Juniper running Junipers own operation system Junos. The MX204 has 4x 40Gb and 8x 10Gb. The 40Gb ports can be split into 4x 10Gb. After unboxing it has no configuration. Connect a standard RS232 console cable with a Cisco style RJ45 connector, set your terminal to 9600 8N1 and power …

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Javascript Bugs ?

Javascript is a fun programming language, its non blocking, event-driven paradigm is really interesting for many cases. On the other hand there are strange things that are really making me nervous when using this language: : parseInt doing strange things: # nodejs > parseInt(0.000007, 10); 0 > parseInt(0.0000007, 10); 7 : numbers in JavaScript are …

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