Android Battery Drain Riddle!

Problem: an android phone is loosing battery very quickly. The battery settings don’t show any app, the display or other reasons for the battery drain.

Discussion: I found out that the battery drain is only when connected to WLAN. Then I recognized that it only happens when connected to my WLAN. The mobile phone never sleeps when connected to my WLAN. So I checked if there are many broadcasts in the network, which wasn’t. Then I moved the IP of my mobile phone to a Linux and checked for unicast traffic using tcpdump. There was it !

Solution: I have an Inverto Multibox SAT>IP server in my network and used the SAT>IP server from my mobile phone several days ago. The bug in the Inverto box is (or was) that the box has a broken idle timer implemented which means the SAT>IP stream never stopped if not shut down correctly. As a result the box pushed a SAT transport stream to the mobile phone every time I was connected to WLAN, and never stopped. I rebooted and upgraded the SAT>IP box. Battery drain was gone.

Version: Inverto SAT>IP Multibox 1.17

Battery drain before and after bugfix
Screenshot Android