Juniper MX204 Upgrade

1. Check the current version:

show version
Hostname: Router
Model: mx204
Junos: 18.2R1.9
JUNOS OS Kernel 64-bit [20180614.6c3f819_builder_stable_11]

2. go to and select MX204, and search for newer version
3. Select “Install Package” -> “VMHOST 64-BIT” -> “tgz”
4. After login you will see a URL. Copy this URL
5. Download the file onto your Juniper MX204, with this command

> file copy “URL YOU COPIED”  /var/tmp/image-name.tgz

6. You may validate the image with:

> request vmhost software validate /var/tmp/image-name.tgz

7. Install the software

> request vmhost software add /var/tmp/image-name.tgz
> request vmhost reboot