Chrome Refuses to Connect to Old Devices

Problem: Chrome shows an error message like “NET::ERR_SSL_OBSOLETE_VERSION” when connecting to an old device. This might be an old network device or printer or KVM switch oder DRAC/RemoteInside port of servers.

Discussion: since Chrome ~98 Google decided that you are not allowed to connect devices that use TLS1.1 and below, only TLS1.2 and above are allowed. Instead of warning or asking the user, they simply refuse to connect, which makes these devices electronic waste. I know TLS1.0 is considered insecure, but the printer beside my desk, not connected to the internet, does not need to be 100% safe.


  1. Use old browsers
  2. Use a simple TCP/TLS proxy that does connect to the old web service for you. I built a small python script for this task, because I could not find a simple source for this