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Openbox Config File

I don’t use desktop environments on Linux. I prefer small,fast, efficient window managers. Some years ago I used olvwm (open look window manager) which was dicontinued by sun. Then I switched to wmx which I patched for my needs, but … Continue reading

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Copy’n’Paste from Xterm to Chrome

Problem: X11 has a classical copy/paste mechanism which is: select text – press middle mouse button in the target field. And there is a second copy/paste which was adopted from Mac and Windows which is: select text – Ctrl-C – click … Continue reading

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Hide Mouse Coursor on X11/Xorg

Problem: for some applications a mouse coursor in disturbing. E.g. video players, signage display. Solution: the tool unclutter hides the mouse coursor after a chosen idle timeout. Unclutter is part of the main debian repository. Version: Debian 7.1

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