Month: September 2011

One Mouse and Keyboard for Two Computers

I just read that MircoSoft announced a “new” software to control two WindowsPCs with one keyboard and mouse. It might be new to MircoSoft but a software for this exists since about 1998. When I had both Linux and Windows on my desktop some years ago I used x2vnc for this. Read on:

Squeezebox Remote Streaming

I use Logitech Squeezeboxes at home for my music library, Internet radio, and podcasts. The server is running on my Linux server, and the clients are Squeezebox Boom and Squeezebox Duet. If you like to stream to your desktop PC, you can use several software squeezebox clients, but there is also a simple way to …

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Windows Network Load Balancing NLB and Cisco Routers/Switches

Problem: Windows NLB IPs are are not reachable through and from Cisco routers and switches. NLB services could be IIS arrays, Exchange CAS arrays, etc. Solution: NLB mode was set to Multicast. In this mode Windows incorrectly uses multicast mac addresses. Set the NLB mode to Unicast and configure static mac address table entries on …

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