Month: September 2012

IPv6 Only Test

The IPv6 designers refused to define an IPv4/IPv6 gateway, because it’s a contradiction to the NO-NAT, End2End paradigm of IPv6. The result is that IPv6 doesn’t really lift off, because every IPv6 user has IPv4 too (Dual Stack), which gives no pressure to move on to implement IPv6. Large providers had to implement NAT instead …

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ejabberd on debian with pam

Problem: After updating from debian lenny (5) to squeeze (6) ejabberd authentication (PAM) stopped working. Solution: ejabberd uses an external programm called epam to authenticate. But this programm had no permission to use pam. I had to type these commands: chown root.ejabberd /usr/lib/ejabberd/priv/bin/epam chmod 4750 /usr/lib/ejabberd/priv/bin/epam killall epam ejabberd 2.1.5-3+squeeze1