Month: November 2015

F5 Drops WebSockets

Problem: F5 LTM is used als load balancer for multiple web servers. When the client opens a websocket connection to the web server, the connection is closed. Discussion: F5 LTM version before 11.6.0 has a bug in the request_log module (profile). The “request_log” module crashes and drops the connection. The bug is a known issue: Solution: If you …

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Generate CSR using openssl

Browsers started to warn users about certificates with Sha1 signature. Sha256 is needed now a days. So it’s time to renew certificates from Thawte, Godaddy, etc You can generate a new Certificate Signing Request with openssl with this command: openssl req -nodes -newkey rsa:2048 -keyout servername.key -out servername.csr -sha256 “servername.csr” is an ascii file you can send …

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