Cisco Routing – Administrative Distance

Cisco routers are capable of different routing protocols and static and connected routes. Every routing protocol engine has its own distance/metric/weight to decide which route is best.

When a routing protocol has chosen its best route, the route is entered into the routing table. The routing engine uses an “administrative distance” per routing protocol to decide which route to use.  The default administrative distance for all the routing protocols is:

Default Administrative Distances
Connected 0
Static 1
eBGP 20
EIGRP (internal) 90
IGRP 100
OSPF 110
IS-IS 115
RIP 120
EIGRP (external) 170
iBGP 200
EIGRP summary route 5

Source: “Route Selection in Cisco Routers”

i.g. if you like to set a static route that is only activated, if there is no eBGP route to the same target, you can configure:

ip route 25