Ping to Windows Server 2012 with Direct Access fails

Problem: Ping from Linux computers to Windows Server 2012 with Direct Access fails for hours (no response) although connectivity is working (eg. HTTPS)

Discussion: Ping from other windows machines and Cisco machines worked, but from Linux machines ping was not answered. I tried to find the difference between those ICMP Echo Request Packets, and reduced it to 16 Bits in the ICMP Packet. The ID field! Windows always uses “2”. Linux uses the pid of the ping process.

I patched the ping source to select the ID manually, and scanned through the values 0 – 65535.

Ping was answered for IDs 0 – 6000

Ping was not answered for IDs 6001 – 47000

Ping was answered for IDs 47001 – 65535

A really strange Microsoft bug.

Solution: ??? Only Microsoft can fix this. The workaround is to set the id manually with my patched ping client.

Version: any Linux with standard ping. Windows 2012 with Direct Access patched up to date (21.8.2013)


    • No I didn’t. But this bug was one of the reasons not to use MS Direct Access for my customer.
      That kind of solved the issue for me.

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