Devuan Update Fails with Signature Invalid

Problem: (5. September 2022) when fetching Devuan updates you get the following error: Discussion: The devuan key to sign the repository list has expired on 3. September 2022. This is an embarrassing fail from Devuan. But the solution is quite simple Solution: Install the new keyring manually: Version: tested with Devuan 3 (beowulf), Devuan4 (chimaera)

Smartd Reports “Reallocated_Sector_Ct” erroneously

Problem: In syslog you find a line like this: But when you check with “smartctl -a” you find a reallocated sector count of zero: Discussion: The harddisk had actually no reallocated sectors, but Smartctrl (Smartmontools) reported a wrong error, because when it was started a different harddisk with errors was found as /dev/sda, but with …

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MITMProxy and IOS 13

Problem: if you want to debug a IOS app with MITMProxy, the iPhone needs to trust the MITMProxy CA. This is done by going to and clicking on the apple symbol. Then you have to accept the “profile” in Settings “downloaded profiles”. Then you have to trust this new CA cert in “Settings” “General” …

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Greenlock(-express) Letsencrypt Fails with ECONNRESET

Problem: after upgrading vom greenlock-express v2.0 to v2.5 and switching from acme-v1 to acme-v2 every attempt to register a new TLS cert with Letsencrypt fails with “ECONNRESET” Discussion: the new version of greenlock tries to validate the .well-known/acme-challenge file before asking letsencrypt for the certificate.If your webserver is behind a loadbalancer or firewall and the …

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Apache Start Hangs during Reboot of a KVM Virtual Server

Problem: Apache needs very long to start on a virtual server running on a KVM/QEMU virtual maschine. Solution: Apache needs a RNG (random number generator) for startup, probably because of TLS. A pure virtual maschine has no RNG device per default. If you add an RNG device to the virtual maschine configuration, apache startup is …

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