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Linux Live-boot Fails after Debian/Devuan Update

Problem: after updating from Debian 8 to Devuan 2 the overlay live-boot failes with “no such device” Discussion: I use a bootable USB stick combined with live-boot. In this case the USB stick partition 3 is a normal ext4 file … Continue reading

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Greenlock(-express) Letsencrypt Fails with ECONNRESET

Problem: after upgrading vom greenlock-express v2.0 to v2.5 and switching from acme-v1 to acme-v2 every attempt to register a new TLS cert with Letsencrypt fails with “ECONNRESET” Discussion: the new version of greenlock tries to validate the .well-known/acme-challenge file before … Continue reading

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Apache Start Hangs during Reboot of a KVM Virtual Server

Problem: Apache needs very long to start on a virtual server running on a KVM/QEMU virtual maschine. Solution: Apache needs a RNG (random number generator) for startup, probably because of TLS. A pure virtual maschine has no RNG device per … Continue reading

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Sparse Files Howto

Unix file systems like ext3/4 can store files which are partly empty more efficiently by not storing blocks with all zeros. These files are called sparse files. When reading these files every things works as normal but “all zero” blocks … Continue reading

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DELL iDRAC6 with Java8

Problem: The remote console feature of a Dell R710 server does not open with an Linux client with errors like these: Connection failed, Unsigned Java Applett, etc Solution: I had to change three things:in /usr/lib/jvm/java-8-openjdk-amd64/jre/lib/security/ I had to change to … Continue reading

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