L2TP tunnel between two cisco routers

Problem: a Cisco 1941 [15.1(2)T2] (Client) tries to connect to an Cisco7300 [12.3(22)] (Server) using L2TP, but after successful authentication of the client the server drops the connection. Solution: The client tried to authenticate the server, but the server had no password for authentication. Normally only the client authenticates to the server in ISP environments. […]

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Restore data from a single disk of an HP/Compaq SmartArray raid1

If you look into a harddisk from an HP server with smart array configured for raid1, you will recognize that the partition table of this disk has only one partition: Device Boot      Start         End      Blocks   Id  System <device>p3               1           1        8001   12  Compaq diagnostics The real partitions are invisible? No. I found the start of

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Mysqldump: out of memory

A small mysqldump hint: You can use mysqldump –skip-opt to get proper insert statements in the SQL dump. But –skip-opt disables –quick which means mysqldump buffers full tables before writing -> Out of memory. In this case I use: mysqldump –skip-opt –quick <DBNAME>

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Hello world

My daily job is solving IT problems. No matter if they are hardware/software, or os/configuration/application related. There is always a bug to be fixed. And: AlexT Debugs This blog will be the place to remember some solutions to problems, because as time goes by it’s sometimes hard to remember how I debugged. Some solutions will

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