Remove ID3 Tags from Flac Files

Problem: Some flac players refuse to play some flac files, and even tools like an old ffmpeg can’t handle some flac files Solution: These flac files might have id3v2 tags which they realy should not, because flac uses vorbis style tags and not id3. Remove those id3v2 tags with this command: This removes the id3v2 …

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Block Internet per User/Service

If you like to block network access for certain users on a linux box it’s as simple as that: /sbin/iptables -I OUTPUT -m owner –uid-ower <USERNAME> -j DROP Username might also be the username of a running service.

APT sources list

Problem: when debian goes from “testing” to “stable” to “oldstable” the package sources change. eg. jessie-updates are remove, same happened to jessie-backports The current file /etc/apt/sources.list for jessie (currently oldstable) could look like this deb jessie main contrib non-freedeb jessie/updates main contrib non-free

Configure WLAN Statically in Debian/Linux

If you want to configure WLAN settings on a Linux machine statically you can use the normal /etc/network/interfaces configuration method of Debian. For WPA-PSK you can use this 3 steps: Install the “wpasupplicant” package Generate a psk line with “wpa_passphrase” and copy the hex string after “psk=” root@server:~# wpa_passphrase WLANNAME# reading passphrase from stdinthepasswordnetwork={ ssid=”WLANNAME” …

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MikroTik Automatic IPSec Failover

Problem: Mikrotik allows only one ipsec policy per network-to-network pair. If you want to have redundant tunnels between two locations with two upstreams you cannot configure ipsec redundancy on Mikrotik because one ipsec policy is always marked as “invalid” by the OS. Solution: I made a Mikrotik script that checks the status and reachabilty of …

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Huawei Mate Book Pro X

I bought a new notebook, and installed a minimal Linux distribution on it. While setting everything up, I put together a collection of configuration files and scripts, and compiled them in this github repository:

New Vim 8 on Debian 9 Stretch has buggy Mouse/Paste/Syntax handling

The new Vim 8 on Debian tries again to appeal to the 95% of the people (the noobs) and adds features the are annoying to professionals. When these new features are buggy it’s even worse. Problem: vim 8 on debian 9 has some annoying default settings for vim paste uses a vim internal clipboard instead the …

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FlexFabric 5700 Backup Config to TFTP in MGMT VPN-Instance

Problem: if you separate the management from the normal traffic on a switch you will usually configure the swtich via this mgmt vpn-instance and also backup and restore config files via this mgmt vpn-instance. But if you use the “backup startup-configuration to ..” it always tries to find the tftp server on the normal network Even after changing …

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Check Raid Status for Dell Raids on Linux

Linux support from dell is still very poor. They still support only RedHat$ and SuSE$. But there are ways to check the Raid status of Dell server on debian. is doing a good job in collecting information and building Debian style packages. Example:  A Dell server “PowerEdge T130” with “LSI Logic / Symbios Logic MegaRAID SAS-3 …

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