Cisco ASR-1001-X Update

There are at least two pieces of software you can update in a Cisco ASR-1001-X. The ROMMON (firmware) and the IOS itself. This router uses “Cisco IOS XE Software”. Which is an IOS process on a Linux kernel as far as I know. Cisco recommends specific ROMMON releases for different generations of software. You can …

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Juniper MX204 Upgrade

1. Check the current version: 2. go to https://support.juniper.net/support/downloads/ and select MX204, and search for newer version3. Select “Install Package” -> “VMHOST 64-BIT” -> “tgz”4. After login you will see a URL. Copy this URL5. Download the file onto your Juniper MX204, with this command 6. You may validate the image with: 7. Install the software …

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Annoyances while updating F5

I had to upgrade several F5 load balancers from 11.5 to 12.1 in the last weeks. Usually updating F5 is quiet easy, but there are bugs or annoyances you should know: Sometimes F5 asks for re-activating after the first boot into the new version. It seems that you have to install the new version in a …

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