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Configure WLAN Statically in Debian/Linux

If you want to configure WLAN settings on a Linux machine statically you can use the normal /etc/network/interfaces configuration method of Debian. For WPA-PSK you can use this 3 steps: Install the “wpasupplicant” package Generate a psk line with “wpa_passphrase” … Continue reading

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IPv6 Only Test

The IPv6 designers refused to define an IPv4/IPv6 gateway, because it’s a contradiction to the NO-NAT, End2End paradigm of IPv6. The result is that IPv6 doesn’t really lift off, because every IPv6 user has IPv4 too (Dual Stack), which gives … Continue reading

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Cisco Access Point blocking PPTP

Vienna: 10. August 2011 Problem: A network of some Cisco Access Points AIR-AP1142N-E-K9 connected to an small router works good as expected but when the user tries to connect to en PPTP VPN the connection fails with a time-out. Solution: … Continue reading

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