cdrecord is called wodim now

I don’t burn CDs often, but when I do I still look for “cdrecord”, which doesn’t exist on debian anymore. Debian forked the source and renamed it to wodim, because of a license dispute between the Debian maintainers and cdrtools author Jörg Schilling.

Multiple Routing Tables with IPTables

Challenge: You have a linux based firewall, which should forward all internal and external traffic of its connected clients through a VPN tunnel, and at the same time the traffic from the firewall itself should not go through the tunnel (e.g. the tunnel connection packets). Solution: There are lots of howtos for this probably. Here …

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Using an HP scanner on the command line

I don’t use Gnome, KDE, etc. My window manager is WMX with some patches. Without all those fancy window environments, you get rid of all magic auto configurations, and wizards at the same time, and you can configure your system like real man do: using the command line. ;-) I bought a HP OfficeJet Pro …

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Restore data from a single disk of an HP/Compaq SmartArray raid1

If you look into a harddisk from an HP server with smart array configured for raid1, you will recognize that the partition table of this disk has only one partition: Device Boot      Start         End      Blocks   Id  System <device>p3               1           1        8001   12  Compaq diagnostics The real partitions are invisible? No. I found the start of …

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Mysqldump: out of memory

A small mysqldump hint: You can use mysqldump –skip-opt to get proper insert statements in the SQL dump. But –skip-opt disables –quick which means mysqldump buffers full tables before writing -> Out of memory. In this case I use: mysqldump –skip-opt –quick <DBNAME>